Different Perspectives

Different Perspectives tells the story of a beautiful yet challenging relationship between a Jamaican father and his son Wayne as they battle to overcome their differences.

Inspired by the personal experiences of the diverse range of artists involved in the development of Different Perspectives, the story unpicks some home truths about the struggles of cultural and family politics living as a second generation Jamaican in England today.

Different Perspectives shows the inner struggle of a young man with the world at his fingertips who is seduced by a life of crime and forced to decide which path to take and deals with the challenges that he, like many young men, faces whilst living life on the streets.

Getting involved with drugs, violence, gun crime,and a different culture than the family. Hercules Productions give us a taste of some harsh realities existing on our doorsteps.

Through a plot that twists and turns using film, live action and sound, the audience are taken on a journey that will keep them on the edge of their seats; witnessing a battle of wills collide under the pressure of life changing choices.

 ‘Truly excellent. This will be one to watch out for’
John McGrath, Contact Theatre    
‘The story is about reality, what’s happening today, things like this are happening with young men, and so it needs to be shown. He puts his friends feelings before his own, so many young people don’t make their own choices so it shows the world we are living with.  It’s educational, so please use it to help young people to develop and be motivated.’
Imani Jendai, Theatre Director    
‘It’s very powerful; and great to see media used in such an innovative way, the pre-recorded and live work blended beautifully together’
Anne Petterpiece, Chorlton High School