Each One Teach One

Hercules Productions are pleased to be funded again by the Heritage Lottery Fund, this time to tell the stories that haunt the fast disappearing landscape of Hulme and Moss side.

Each One Teach One will reanimate the empty lots and building sites of today, telling the stories that the eldest in our communities can remember, when music, and laughter, love and high drama and ‘every day foolishness’ changed the face of the landscape forever. From the bus garage, to the market hall, the shabeen to the playing field.

Each One Teach One is an Oral History Project which will partner young people and elders in an exploration of the stories that tell the history of these sites from the early 1950s through to present day and bring them to life on the stage and in film drama.

‘Historians have finally recognised that the everyday memories of everyday people have historical importance. If we do not collect and preserve those memories, those stories, then one day they will disappear forever.’
Fiona Cosson, Manchester Metropolitan