When The Music Hits

‘When the Music Hits’ explores the heritage of the sound systems culture of Manchester, from its roots in Jamaican reggae music through the development in the UK and Manchester from the 1960s to the present day. It will also explore the impact of reggae on the newer African communities and introduce them to this heritage of the city and its musical foundation. 

Working together, the participants will create an album, a theatre performance and a documentary film relating to what they have learnt from the sessions. Both the theatre and the film will use the format of a talk show to introduce characters, storylines facts and figures. 

The research heritage sessions will include speakers from Radio, Djs, Musicians, Dancers, Promoters and Dance Attendees. 

We will use drama activities and music workshops to understand the sound systems and how they feed into music of today. 

The participants will gain a better understanding of this musical heritage. They will also gain confidence, learn new skills and ways of self-expression and break down negative stereotypes and build stronger intercultural relationships.

Click on the below links for the kids track and video, and to go to the music that was  produced by the adults: 

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Wizzy Dan Interview

Wizzy Dan of Baron Hifi talks UK sound systems

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Rueben Shaft Interview

Rueben Shaft of Screaming Target and spreading music with a message


Mafa T Interview

Mara T of Red Star Sound discusses putting Manchester on the map of UK sound



Megadread of Megatone talks about his influences, legacy and the formation of Frontline Radio.